Youth Against AIDS e. V. is one of the most biggest initiatives by young people in Germany, Austria and in Switzerland, that offers sex education in school-classes, youth-facilities and also training companies. It is founded in Hamburg in 2009 and nowadays it is working on establishing internationally. Youth Against AIDS provides young people to engage themselves socially by doing what they are good at.


In 2016 Youth Against AIDS combined their occupation with a claim for the first time and established a brand.




That is the message that Youth Against AIDS wants to share with everyone. The focus on that claim or brand as well, is obviously the condom. It is to make sure that everyone knows that there are no other opportunities to protect themselves for sexual transmitted diseases. Within this message Youth Against Aids is doing campaigns and also workshops in school.

Youth Against AIDS e.V. trains young adults to become ‘Peers’ in a two day seminar called YAA Academy. They learn everything they need to know about our workshop “Positive School” and our sexual education approach. Since 4 years the focus of our work is a holistic view on sexual education, which contains sexual transmitted diseases and different contraception methods as well as age-specific content such as the role of pornography among teenagers, gender studies, or having sex for the first time. YAA is always eager to adopt discussions about current social topics or newly invented medication to their already existing workshop concept to have our finger’s on the pulse of time. The latest addition are for example the sexual transmission of the Zika virus, the multidrug-resistant gonorrhea bacteria or the rising numbers of young women receiving labiaplasty surgery. And our workshops are evaluated and reviewed on a regular basis.


Our sexual education approach is not meant to replace the traditional biology class but to supplement the teachers by adding the peer-to-peer concept. Due to this concept it is possible to step up to the pupils and functions as a go-to person when asking questions about sexuality and sex. During the training for becoming a Positive School peer they learn on the one hand all about STDs, sexual identities, contraception and sexual orientation but also on the other hand they get insights in conflict management, rhetoric training and organisation and planning methods. This is how we guarantee that our peers are well prepared for the adolescents and that they make sure to mediate lasting sexual education.

In context to internationalization the content could be different to our workshops in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The reason why is that schools or even pupils do have another demand on sex-education. We are working daily on content for every single country, we want to get established.


Please feel welcome and do not hesitate to contact us for our workshops or for working with us to educate in all relevant matters.




Your YAA-Team


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