On March 8, the International Women’s Day was celebrated worldwide. A day that was created especially for women over 100 year ago. But because you are special and great not only one day a year, we also want to use the opportunity two days later to just say thank you.

As a boy it’s already hard enough to get to know a girl, to convince her of a date and to win her over. But even then, the hardest is yet to come. At some point, one of you will ask: “What is this between us?” – One question, essential for every further step. But what is actually the best way to start a relationship?

Today is the day. It’s the 14th of February – the day of the lovers. All around the globe sweethearts fall into each other’s arms, showing their partner their affection with the help of smaller presents. For many it’s a day full of joy, for some singles among us, it seems to be a nightmare. Where the tradition is coming from, how to break with old habits and why Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate for all the singles, you can find out right here.

Sex is one of the nicest activities in the world. That’s why everyone is talking about it – often a lot of garbage. Is it really true that men only have a certain number of shots available before the pump is finally empty? And is the story of the G-spot just a fairytale? Today we’re getting to the bottom of five well-known sex myths.

On average, teens have sex for the very first time when they’re between 14 and 16 years old. But there are also people in whose lives this legendary moment takes place in much later. With 18, 25 or 34: It’s not easy to be a virgin and you often have to listen to friends and acquaintances stupid and unpleasant sayings because of that. Why you shouldn’t care about that at all, you will learn here …

Just imagine you or your boyfriend have your place to yourself. You’re spending the evening chilling comfortably on the couch together, maybe also watching a movie. However, that doesn’t even matter, because all you two have in mind is sex.

Boys, let’s be honest: we all still remember our first kiss. And I’m not talking about mom’s or dad’s daily bedtime kiss. No, what I mean is the first real kiss with a girl. And no matter whether we failed miserably or were the absolute hammer: It is worth to think back again…

As you probably know many people have a blossoming imagination, especially when it comes to sex. Most likely you won’t even run out of ideas. If it’s leather and handcuffs or more tropical places you dream of, like the aeroplane, your options are nearly endless. When talking about the latter, we mean the Mile High Club. Wanna find out what that’s all about? Mile High? What do you mean? Britain, 1785: Two lordships of the British gentlemen club Brooks made a bet. If one of them were able to have sex with a woman in a balloon that’s floating one […]