Dr. Gottfried Hirnschall is the Director of the HIV/AIDS Department and the Global Hepatitis Programme of the World Health Organization (WHO). Also he is an advisory board member of Youth against AIDS. In the fight against HIV/AIDS, he is particularly counting on the help of young people from all over the world. At the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam he told us why.

Eamonn Murphy is the director of the regional support team of UNAIDS Asia Pacific. At the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, he gave us an insight into the challenges the Asia-Pacific region faces in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Die Lochis Youth against AIDS

Dedicated, bright and relaxed – there is a reason why Heiko and Roman Lochmann (Die Lochis) are one of Germany’s most wanted twins. Shortly before release of their second studio album #whatislife, the long-standing campaign ambassadors of Youth against AIDS did not hesitate to be part of the Youth Headquarters in Amsterdam. In the JGA interview, The Lochis talk about their commitment to YAA, self-criticism and a big desire. Luckily, you two have been supporting us for the last five years now. How did you know Youth against AIDS was the right partner for you? We met for the first […]

Michel Sidibé is the executive director of UNAIDS. The Joint United Nations Program is working towards stopping new HIV infections and ensuring that everyone living with HIV has access to HIV treatment. We had the chance to talk to Michel during the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam. Here’s what he thinks about the possibilities the youth has to help ending AIDS.

During our trip to South Africa, our CEO Daniel Nagel had the opportunity to speak with German Ambassador Martin Schäfer about the role of the youth in the fight against HIV and AIDS. In Petroia, they also focused on our global initiative AIDS2018, which aims to mobilize volunteers for the World AIDS Conference in Amsterdam.

Youth against AIDS in India

To ensure that the wishes and views of young people from all over the world are also represented at this year’s World AIDS Conference, our CEO Daniel Nagel and our CHRO Lennart Falk have spent the last few days in India. Just before the two of them return to Germany, Lennart gives you an insight into the most important meetings and the most exciting experiences in India.

Youth against AIDS launched the global movement for AIDS 2018 in Mumbai, India.

Today, more than 37 million people worldwide are still infected with HIV. The international education initiative Youth Against AIDS (YAA) wants to change that and end AIDS. As the official partner of the International AIDS Conference (AIDS2018), it is now continuing its fight against AIDS worldwide. Following the international campaign launch in New York, the education initiative presented its global Youth against AIDS (YAA) movement in New Delhi and Mumbai and not only collaborates internationally with organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) or UNAIDS, but also partnerships with various NGOs to put an end to HIV and AIDS […]

Roman Malessa, Maximilian Wolf, Daniel Nagel, Marlon Jost presented the YAA campaign in New York.

The educational initiative Youth Against AIDS (YAA) is enforcing the role of the youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS. As official partner of this year’s 22nd International AIDS Conference, 300 youth activists will represent their generation’s interests in summer in Amsterdam. The campaign plays around with common misperceptions and mobilizes youths to volunteer ans was presented on March 14 in New York. Youth against AIDS captures common misperceptions won HIV and AIDS. The most-awarded youth-led awareness campaign remains true to its approach: Sex education at eye level and by direct speech. „AIDS is so 1980.“ „Nobody dies of AIDS.“ „AIDS […]

Owen Ryan (left) and Daniel Nagel presented the partnership of IAS and YAA in Geneva.

To end HIV it depends on the youth. That’s why Youth against AIDS (YAA) brings more than 300 youth activists from all around the world in summer as ambassadors to the 22nd International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam. From the 23rd to the 27th of July AIDS 2018 will be the most important meeting on HIV / AIDS in the world. As an official partner of the International AIDS Society (IAS), the youth education initiative continues to position itself as the first point of contact for young people from all over the world in the fight against HIV / AIDS. “AIDS […]