Ischtar Isik: ‘You can have fun without taking any risks’ Published on:

Ischtar Isik began sharing her tips and tricks on beauty, fashion and lifestyle with her viewers on YouTube at the age of 15. Today she is 22 years old and gathers in the social media an audience of millions behind her. To draw the attention of her young viewers to their health, she lends her face to the new campaign of Youth against AIDS.

For many people in Germany AIDS is very far away. Is it true?

The thought probably arises from the fact that we have the feeling that we are already sufficiently enlightened in Germany. Nevertheless, every year thousands of people in Germany become infected with HIV or run the risk of becoming infected because they do not use proper contraception out of laziness and do not take the issue seriously enough. That is why it is important that the issue of AIDS is not pushed away as if it did not concern us.

You get the feeling that it’s still embarrassing to talk openly about sexual issues. Should you be afraid to talk openly about your sexuality?

Not at all! Sexuality in particular is something completely normal, which everyone deals with in some way. For this very reason I hope that it will become less and less a taboo subject, so that a younger target group in particular will not be afraid to ask the right questions. Because I think most mistakes happen because you didn’t dare to ask before.

Who were your most important contacts when you had your first questions about sex?

I have to say that I didn’t have a proper contact person at the time, which is a shame. However, I also learned a lot about the Internet, which is why I think it’s so cool that more and more people are openly talking about sex and related topics on YouTube or other social media platforms. I think that takes away the awkwardness of many young people on this subject.

Are condoms men or women’s business?


Three names for a condom?

Gummi, Mütze, Lümmeltüte

Please complete the following sentences:
My condoms are lying . . .

Since I’m in a longer partnership, I don’t use condoms right now.

I support Youth against AIDS because . . .

I think it is important to educate and above all to show younger people that it is not a taboo subject and that they should always be on the safe side, despite the fun of it, in order not to take any risks.