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He is one of the most successful German rappers: Cro. As an ambassador for Youth against AIDS, he wants to ensure that AIDS becomes more present in the minds of young people -so that they can take precautions and protect themselves and their health.

For many people in Germany AIDS is very far away. Is it true? 

I think it is a natural reaction of man to push certain topics far away from himself. AIDS is one of them. You think this only happens somewhere else or to other people. But you should simply be grateful that you are healthy and make sure that it stays that way. With AIDS, you can take good precautions and avoid getting infected.

Sometimes one could get the the feeling that it’s still embarrassing to talk openly about sexual issues. Should you be afraid to talk openly about your sexuality?

No way! No way! Sex is one of the most beautiful things in the world and everyone should live and experience it as it is best for them.

What does our claim “Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms” mean to you?

It means: No matter what you do – do what you love and always only what is 100 percent okay for you. And of course it also says that you should always be very respectful with your partner.

Are condoms men’s or women’s?

They are men- AND women thing!

Complete the sentences, please:
My condoms are lying. . .

always ready to hand.

I support Youth against AIDS because. . .

it is an extremely important issue that must continue to be made present among young people. Respect for doing this work!