Victoria Swarovski: “Every person who gets infected is one too many” Published on:

The Austrian Victoria Swarovski has also been moderating in Germany for some time now. She fights together with us against AIDS and HIV and therefore lends her face to our new campaign.

Are condoms a matter for men or women?

Contraception is definitely not a matter for men or women alone, both sexes are responsible here.


Please complete the following sentences:
My condoms are lying. . .

wherever you need them.


Three names for a condom. . .

Rubber, Verhüterlie, Parisian


I support youth against AIDS because. . .

the subject is too important and I have the feeling that future generations will take the disease lightly, precisely because there are now good treatment methods and an infection is no longer a death sentence. But the fact is that AIDS is still not curable, so every person infected with HIV is one too many.