Shanti Joan Tan: “I think it’s strong when someone can talk openly about sex” Published on:

Internet- Star Shanti Joan Tan entertains over 700,000 young viewers on her YouTube channel. As an ambassador for the new campaign of Youth against AIDS, she is committed to creating a new awareness for AIDS – especially among young people.

For many people in Germany AIDS is very far away. Is it true?

Yes, I’m very sure. For a long time it was also very far away for me. In school the topic was definitely addressed, but really stuck is not very much. I think for many it is something so distant that the awareness of the potential danger is not really there. That’s why I think it’s great that such campaigns bring the topic closer to people and especially young people.

Sometimes you get the feeling that it’s still embarrassing to talk openly about sexual issues. Should you be afraid to talk openly about your sexuality?

No, on the contrary. I think it’s pretty strong when someone can talk about it openly. Unfortunately, there are still many condemning voices out there, which makes it difficult for many people to feel comfortable with their sexuality.

And the more you show people that everything is okay and good and as long as you feel good about yourself, the easier it will hopefully be for people to open up to others. I think that many people, especially young people, have many questions and are insecure, but do not dare to confide in someone. And that’s a shame.

Who were your most important contacts when you had your first questions about sex?

I actually learnt a lot at school, but that was more on the biological side. But I could always talk to my parents. But sometimes it was too unpleasant for me to ask, what of course it didn’t have to be, but luckily there was already the internet!

Are condoms men’s or women’s?

Both of them should care, of course.

Complete the sentences, please:
My condoms are lying . . .

in the nightstand.

Three names for a condom . . .

I can’t remember, because until today I’ve only ever said condom! Oh, and rubber!

I support youth against AIDS because . . .

I believe that many people can identify with me and that it is important to me that more people develop an awareness of the topic and deal with it responsibly.