Michael Buchinger: “We should all address the issue of AIDS” Published on:

Michael Buchinger is YouTuber, cabaret artist, author . . . and recently campaign ambassador for Youth against AIDS. It is particularly important for the Austrian to speak openly about sexuality. He was also able to convince his personal circle of friends to talk about this topic without fear. In the interview, he reveals how he did it.

For many people in Germany AIDS is very far away. Is it true?

I believe that many people, not only in Germany, have the impression that AIDS cannot affect them because they are always careful. I still have some people in my circle of acquaintances who did not know their status until recently. Then I had a serious word with them and they had themselves tested. AIDS is also not far away in our latitudes and we should all deal with the issue.

Sometimes you get the feeling that it’s still embarrassing to talk openly about sexual issues. Should you be afraid to talk openly about your sexuality?

Of course it’s not. It just feels embarrassing or funny because the subject is so often avoided. Since I have been approaching the topic of sex in a less subtle way in my circle of friends, we all don’t find it funny anymore. You just have to start talking about it.

Who were your most important contacts when you had your first questions about sex?

I actually started reading books about enlightenment in elementary school. The very first one was of course still for children and had funny pop-up effects. So when it came to general questions, I always looked in my reading and when it got more specific, I asked my big sister who always had good tips. Less about anatomy than about the emotional aspect of sex.

Is there a question that nobody has answered so far?

How long is the rectum? I demand answers.

When and how did you meet us?

I met Youth against AIDS at the beginning of 2017 during the preparations for the first Life Ball Next Generation in Vienna. At that time I was also allowed to get a taste of the workshops and was very enthusiastic about how openly sexuality was talked about. Not only in front of the speakers, but also from the young people who asked interesting and thoughtful questions. I was on fire!

Are condoms men’s or women’s?

That’s a trick question! Both should take care of it (I think)!

Please complete the following three sentences:
My condoms are lying…

at the head end of my bed in a drawer. It’s filled to the brim with condoms.

I support youth against AIDS because. . .

the education at my school was not very good and extremely unpleasant for all involved. I had many questions, but I didn’t dare to ask them because they were very gay-specific. I support youth against AIDS because it creates a framework in which it is possible to ask questions about this incredibly important issue without hesitation.