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Eamonn Murphy is the director of the regional support team of UNAIDS Asia Pacific. At the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, he gave us an insight into the challenges the Asia-Pacific region faces in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Eamnonn, please give us a short introduction of the situation of young people living in the asia pacific area in case of HiV and AIDS

In Asia Pacific there are 54000 thousand of young people living with HIV and AIDS. There are also  lot of new infections which is very critical and what we wanna stop. It is a new way of epidemic. In countrys like the phillipines we have a 170 percent increase in the last six years amongst young people.

In the discussion with all our volunteers you mentioned that there is a new generation of HIV Infections. It had something to do with your phone. You have it already with you. What do you mean by that?

People often ask me: What are the modes of transmission? And in our country it’s the phone. The first thing in the morning and the last thing in the evening you reach for is your smartphone. That’s how young people communicate. They don’t go to a night club or a bar like they used to meet people.  The communicate via smartphone and get their information via tindr, gridr and apps like that. The challenge is to engage in this environment. So we need whole new programs designed by young people for young people, not by the health system. That’s the critical change we need.

What could be an answer to this new point in hiv response. How can we challenge these things?

What we need is innovation and the creativity of young people. When I get a bunch of expert health professionells to design an app you may not really want to use it. We’d better support young people. An app developed by them accordingto their experiences and preferences will be better received.

If you would have one message to young people who want to engage in the fight against HIV/AIDS  what would your message be?

Don’t be afraid because we all enjoy pleasure in life. Learn how to protect yourself whilst that pleasure and deal with the reality that is going to happen. You are young and you are enjoying your life – that’s great. But get that information and share it as widely as possible amongst your friends to keep them safe. And continue to have fun.


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