Dr. Gottfried Hirnschall: “Our work is not done yet. Go and engage.” Published on:

Dr. Gottfried Hirnschall is the Director of the HIV/AIDS Department and the Global Hepatitis Programme of the World Health Organization (WHO). Also he is an advisory board member of Youth against AIDS. In the fight against HIV/AIDS, he is particularly counting on the help of young people from all over the world. At the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam he told us why.
At the International AIDS Conference you had a meeting with all our volunteers from all over the world. How was it, what do you think?

I was really impressed by the very smart, informed and sensible comments that I just heard. We people who work in professional organisations or whoare just a little older sometimes have the feeling that young people do not know some things. But they know alot. And above all, they have a different perspective. Especially on HIV, but also some on other very sensitive issues such as their sexuality. That is exactly what we need.
Young people play an important role. Because some of them are HIV-positive or at risk of becoming infected. But also because they can pass on the message of this conference and the fight against HIV and AIDS to their friends and their environment. And because they can provide us with important information from this environment.

What is the main advantage of bringing young people from all over the world together? 

The HIV- movement has been driven by and characterized by diversity. There are people coming from diverse backgrounds from everywhere in the world fighting against HIV and AIDS. Because it is epidemic. It touches every country and every population. Nobody is in a way not affected by it. That is way it is so important to bring people together, which is what you’ve been doing, and offer them a safe space for engagement and to give them the opportunity to engage with all these people from all over the world in a sort of peer group. But also, they can take advantage of an international conference. Now it is very important for the people to go home and carry the message and engage in their own communities and keep the excitement, the movement alive. Our work is not done yet – the data show that.  Unless the next generation of leaders comes and carries the movement along we are not doing the right things.

If you would have one message to young people who want to engage in the fight against HIV/AIDS what would your message be?

Go and get tested, you need to know your status. Go and carry the message. Go and engage.


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Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.

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