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Dedicated, bright and relaxed – there is a reason why Heiko and Roman Lochmann (Die Lochis) are one of Germany’s most wanted twins. Shortly before release of their second studio album #whatislife, the long-standing campaign ambassadors of Youth against AIDS did not hesitate to be part of the Youth Headquarters in Amsterdam. In the JGA interview, The Lochis talk about their commitment to YAA, self-criticism and a big desire.
Luckily, you two have been supporting us for the last five years now. How did you know Youth against AIDS was the right partner for you?

We met for the first time at the Video Days in 2013. After that, you came home with us to tell us everything about Youth against AIDS. We were pretty nervous because we didn’t know what to expect! But right after we found out what this is all about, we knew it was the right thing to support you! Also, we have a function as role models and it’s important to make a use of that.

You have been on your side all the time and we’re very thankful for that. Was there any negative feedback you had to fight with?

Of course, some people couldn’t deal with the posters we were on, because they were kind of provoking. But we did not care about that! This is what we stand for and provocation is polarizing, that’s how things go viral and get publicity. All this feedback, whether negative or positive, just showed that it has worked!

#SpreadCondomsGestern waren wir in den Straßen und Kanälen von #Amsterdam unterwegs! Begleitet haben uns dabei unsere #Kampagnenbotschafter DieLochis. 😍😍😍Bei unserem #Sightseeing haben wir ganz Amsterdam mit Kondomen versorgt 🍌….aber seht selbst 👇👇👇#Aftermovie #YouthHeadquarter #YouthHQ #GenerationNow #endAIDS #Dowhatyouwant. Do it with #love,#respect and #condoms.

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Do you have any advice for people who feel demotivated or have any problems to deal with?

If there’s something that bothers you, you should find someone to talk with. This helps a lot, especially if this person had to go through similar stuff like you. People always say, time heals your wounds, but I think it’s also the right friends that could heal them. Together we can create an energy that motivates and helps to get over your problems.

When you stand for something and have to share it on a stage in front of an audience, it’s hard not to doubt about yourself. How do you handle your doubts?

We’re always very critical about what we do and that’s a good thing in general. Actually, that’s how you realize if you do something wrong and how you correct your mistakes. But also, if you’re on a stage, you should let go of any negative thoughts. Just do what you want to do. That’ll automatically create an energy towards your audience and everyone is going to love what you do!

Unsere Kampagnenbotschafter Heiko und Roman 👉 DieLochis besuchen uns in unserem #YouthHeadquarter bei der International AIDS Conference.Live aus Amsterdam berichten sie, warum sie #YouthAgainstAIDS schon so lange unterstützen und wie sie auch unseren internationalen Weg begleiten ❤Danke, dass ihr dabei seid und mit uns gemeinsam gegen gegen HIV und AIDS kämpft 🙏 #Dowhatyouwant. Do it with #love, #respect and #condoms. #AIDS2018 #YouthHQ #YouthagainstAIDS #endAIDS

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Do what you want. Do it with love respect and condoms.

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