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Levi Strauss & Co continues its commitment for Youth Against AIDS with a very special collaboration. The brand from San Francisco accompanies the internationally successful education initiative “Youth against AIDS” on their way to the International AIDS Conference AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam and has designed a Batwing Tee with the band Milky Chance for the volunteers.

The shirt was presented to the public as part of the San Francisco Pride and will be sold exclusively as part of the one-week event in Amsterdam – the largest public health event in the world. The goal is to use the special shirt to raise funds for global education and to thank all young activists for their commitment. For this reason, the shirt is given to all young volunteers on-site. The design of the Batwing shirt comes from the internationally successful band Milky Chance from Kassel, a long-term partner of the Levi’s® brand.

“We are proud to support Youth against AIDS at the 2018 International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam. The fight against HIV/AIDS is one Levi Strauss & Co. joined early and we continue today. While tremendous progress has been made, there is still much to be done. We are inspired by the passion and activism of the next generation of leaders and we remain committed to this fight until the end – the end to stigma, the end to discrimination, and the end of HIV and AIDS”, says Lucia Marcuzzo, VP Levi’s Central Europe.

“So much involvement of young people is really contagious. We would like to thank all the activists with this design and hope to contribute so that we can reach our goal together”, says Clemens from Milky Chance who is enthusiastic about the project.

“Levi’s and Youth against AIDS – a unique partnership reaches the next level. We’re proud to get this constant support from Levi’s for four years now. It has been an incredible journey – from Germany to the world in just a few years. Thanks to Levi’s for your commitment to give youth activists from all around the world the chance to be part of our global movement. Together we can end AIDS!”, says Daniel Nagel, Chairman of the board & CEO of Youth against AIDS.

Youth against AIDS Levi's Milky Chance
YAA members of the board Daniel Nagel (Chairman & CEO), Jonathan Blechschmidt and Roman Malessa suit the brand-new Levi’s x Milky Chance Shirts in San Francisco.
Youth against AIDS and Levi’s at the International AIDS Conference 2018

On July 20, the gates of the Youth Headquarters of Youth Against AIDS at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam will open. Thousands of young people from all over the world will immerse themselves in the unique YAA world. Exciting lectures, presentations and panels with international stars, politicians and luminaries of HIV-Science await all interested young people under 27 years who register for the Youth Headquarters.

Levi’s® also becomes part of the headquarters with a pop-up store and sends its own employees as volunteers for Youth Against AIDS to the conference. The International AIDS Conference is the largest meeting on HIV/AIDS in the world. It will take place from 22 to 27 July in Amsterdam. The Youth Headquarter opens two days earlier and unites the largest partners of the education initiative.

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About Youth against AIDS

Youth against AIDS is a youth-led organization that provides sexual education in schools and youth facilities all over Europe and beyond. YAA is the largest, most awarded youth-led awareness campaign. They talk about sexuality, HIV, and other STDs in their workshops. YAA provides a space for young people where they can express any lack of knowledge without being ashamed. YAA uses a peer-to-peer approach allowing them to have dialogues at eye level. Furthermore, they do targeted publicity work to help cultivate an educated and diverse society. At AIDS 2018 YAA is supported by Facebook with its own broadcast studio and by its main sponsor Gilead Sciences. Their goal is a community in which sexuality never leads to exclusion, fear or stigma. Their motto: Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.