Carlotta from Germany: “Only if everyone understands the message, AIDS can really be fought!” Published on:

This year, we are official partner of the 22nd International AIDS Conference that takes place in Amsterdam. On this occasion, we invited a total of 300 volunteers from all over the world to join us, present their projects and to network. We want the voice of youth to be heard not only in Amsterdam, but everywhere. Because we are the generation that can end AIDS. And these are our stories …

Hey, my name is Carlotta Stintzing and I live in Stuttgart, Germany.

In Germany, sex education is an integral part of everyday school education. Almost everyone knows how to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. That is why I am bothered by the fact that people still think of themselves as invulnerable. No matter what, most people just say, “Oh, that won’t happen to me!”. As a result, many do not consider it as relevant. They forget that they can be infected with STDs just like any other person in the world. I wish I could change that somehow. Because only if everyone understands the message, AIDS can really be fought!

Travel adventures

I have followed and known YAA  for a long time and was always enthusiastic about their campaigns. However, I never knew that it would be this easy to help by yourself. When I learned quite randomly through Instagram that you can apply as a volunteer with your own project, it was clear to me that I want to join YAA with my own project in Amsterdam. Because no matter who I speak with – everyone in my circle of acquaintances has taken a year’s break after graduation and went abroad. Asia, Africa, Australia and America. My project “All those who wander aren’t lost” builds on this very foundation and should appeal to all young people who like to travel. Because, of course, young people looking for travel adventures, get to know many strangers and often go on a date or two. That is when there is the risk of becoming infected with a sexually transmitted disease –  in every country in the world.

Strengthen the consciousness

So my idea is, for example, to take a look at the story of a girl who got infected with HIV while traveling. One could also point out and invalidate prejudices about certain countries or design maps that show certain risks in order to strengthen one’s consciousness. In my opinion, people automatically transfer their behavior and their caution to everyday life, if they even are aware of it on vacation. Of course, one would first have to analyze the individual countries, look out for reliable statistics and make sure that different countries can be presented with exciting information. I hope that I’ll meet people in Amsterdam who are able to design flyers or have a fitting story to tell, so that they can help me with my project.  

Cooperation and team spirit

Therefore, I am really looking forward to meeting many interesting and open minded people, helping with other projects and getting to know the organization Youth Against AIDS better. I am sure that this will develop a great team spirit under which you can work efficiently and gain exciting experiences. The time in Amsterdam will certainly be great and I’m really excited!

Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.