Youth against AIDS and Gilead Sciences Join Forces to build a new generation of Youth Leadership in the global HIV response at the International AIDS Conference Published on:


Youth against AIDS (YAA) today announced that it will partner with Gilead Sciences to launch its ‘Youth Headquarters’ at the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) from 20 to 27 July in Amsterdam, 2018.

Through this initiative, – hundreds of young volunteers from all over the world will be trained in various skill workshops by the award-winning educational initiative Youth against AIDS. Subsequently, these volunteers will implement educational projects and raise awareness with campaigns and social media work together with Youth against AIDS in their home countries, setting an example of how communities can work together in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

“Without Gilead, our Youth Headquarters would still be a dream. It is only thanks to such support that we are able to unite young people from all over the world and commit ourselves to our fight against AIDS. Together we can end AIDS” says Daniel Nagel, Chairman of the Board of Youth against AIDS.

“We are proud to support such an innovative organization. Youth against AIDS is doing a remarkable job helping youth empower themselves to play an active role in the fight against HIV/AIDS, which is vital as young people continue to be disproportionately affected by the condition.  The organization’s grassroots approach should be commended and. their energy, commitment and dedication should be applauded”, says Douglas Brooks, Senior Director, Community Engagement Gilead.

When the Youth Headquarters of Youth against AIDS in Amsterdam opens its doors on 20 July, thousands of young people under the age of 28 from all over the world will have access to exciting lectures, presentations and panel discussions with celebrity AIDS activists, politicians and experts in HIV science.

About the conference

The International AIDS Conference is the largest meeting on HIV/AIDS in the world. AIDS 2018 will take place in Amsterdam from 23 to 27 July. The Youth Headquarters opens three days earlier and unites the largest partners of the educational initiative.

Throughout the year Gilead and Youth against AIDS are getting the word out about the importance of youth participation in the fight against HIV/AIDS at Pride Parades in Tel Aviv and San Francisco.

Daniel Nagel and Roman Malessa (Members of the board of Youth against AIDS) with Stephen Head (Associate Director Public Affairs EMEA, Gilead Sciences).

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