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Young people from all over the world are committed to Youth against AIDS (YAA). But who is working for our organisation, how does our work look like and why do we actually do what we’re doing? To get you a glimpse behind the scenes, we are going to introduce you to the faces and stories behind YAA in the next few weeks. After our Team-Leads Anne and Jakob, you get to know Lukas, the Team-Lead of our Team Content.

Lukas, why are you engaging in YAA?

At YAA I can fully live my hobby of making videos and taking photos. I have options that I simply wouldn’t have without YAA. For example, I can take part of festivals or events, like the World Club Dome last week in Frankfurt, to produce nice content for our channels. We are now also active internationally, which is why I am flying to Tel Aviv with our board this week – which is of course always very cool. Of course, the ultimate goal of YAA to fight AIDS is also very important to me and I firmly believe that we can do it.

What is your area of ​​responsibility?

I’m the Team Content Lead at YAA, so I lead the Content Team and I’m responsible for regularly adding new video, photo and design content to our channels.

Why should more people support us in the fight against AIDS?

It is simply a very important topic, which is losing more and more relevance, especially in Germany. Many (young) people think they are very well informed, and we experience every day that unfortunately this is not the case. In Germany alone, the number of people living with HIV and AIDS continues to rise, but in other parts of the world that is unfortunately much worse. Alone nobody can achieve something big, together we can do that.

What do you do if you do not engage in YAA?

Currently, I’m finishing school and I also have my own company “Lukas Werlich Videography”. So I’m still making a lot of videos outside of youth against AIDS. In addition, I am a member of the German Bundestag and responsible for the photo, video and design content of Mr. Thomas Heilmann.

Your wish to be ended with:

First and foremost, new members for our club, especially for our content team, since we need more young people to support us now that we are active internationally. Otherwise, I would want more tolerance in general in our society and that we can someday end AIDS.

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