YAA with the German Foreign Office at the “March of Equality” in Kiev Published on:


Youth Against AIDS (YAA) demonstrated together with the Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth (SPD) at this year’s Pride in Kiev to fight for the rights of LGBTIQ’s and against discrimination.

YAA-CEO and chairman of the board Daniel Nagel marched together with the Minister of State as part of his delegation and strengthened the solidarity for oppressed minorities in Eastern Europe.

YAA complemented the international team including the German and Swedish ambassador, UN-members and local organizations who all committed themselves for respect and acceptance in the society. The LGBTIQ-community in the Ukraine is put under hard repressions and therefore the pride could only take place because of strict safety precautions which were realized by about 5000 forces who accompanied the protest march.

In Eastern Europe – main topic of this year´s AIDS conference in Amsterdam – the infection rate of HIV increased extremely in the last years. The Ukraine is the country with the highest rate of reinfections in whole Europe and therefore extremely relevant for sexual education.

CEO Daniel Nagel presented the current campaign of YAA to the German ambassador Ernst Reichel und stressed the importance of HIV-prevention.

At the meeting with the eastern-European organization “Teenergizer!“ and the Ukrainian NGO “Alliance.Global“ YAA made contacts to improve the international cooperation and to understand the situation of minorities in other countries.