This is us, this is YAA: Our Team-Lead Jakob Kirfel Published on:

Young people from all over the world are committed to Youth against AIDS (YAA). But who is working for our organisation, how does our work look like and why do we actually do what we’re doing? To get you a glimpse behind the scenes, we are going to introduce you to the faces and stories behind YAA in the next few weeks. Today, we introduce you to our Team-Lead Jakob Kirfel who is responsible for the Organization and Logistic unit.

Jakob, what is the reason you spend so much time for YAA?

The reason is that there is a lack of education all around the world when it comes to sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases and contraception, and it’s important to me to do my part in changing that with Youth Against AIDS. In addition, I enjoy working with my colleagues and friends at YAA, because despite all the adversities we create great things together and achieve new goals day by day. The great internationalization of Youth Against AIDS motivates me every day anew and compensates every night shift.

What is your area of ​​responsibility? 

I am responsible for our units organization and logistics which means that I’m responsible for ensuring that our events are organized from the festival or trade fair booth through fundraiser activities in the shopping center to our Youth Headquarters at the AIDS Conference in July  in Amsterdam. Since I have always enjoyed the workshops in schools, I have also been a trainer since the beginning of this year: that means one of the instructors of our new peers.

What would you say: Why should even more people support us in the fight against AIDS?

Unfortunately, HIV and AIDS are still the leading cause of death for young people worldwide, and STIs and STDs have been increasing for a few years now. That should be an incentive enough to support YAA in their global fight against AIDS. As a donor-funded and volunteer initiative of young people, we rely on every support in our public relations and school workshops.

What do you do besides working for YAA?

There is often no time left. But in the few YAA-free minutes I study law at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. As a little compensation for the head work at YAA and the studying, I do sports and spent time with friends, whenever it is possible.

Your final wish?

My wish is that our initiative continues to grow so strongly, so that we are able to reach young people around the world and unite under our goal and values. I am confident that we can end AIDS with this generation. Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.