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Young people from all over the world are committed to Youth against AIDS (YAA). But who is working for our organisation, how does our work look like and why do we actually do what we’re doing? To get you a glimpse behind the scenes, we are going to introduce you to the faces and stories behind YAA in the next few weeks. After you have already met our board, we would like to introduce you to our Team-Leads, starting with Anne, Team-Lead in the Education unit.

Anne, why are you engaging in YAA?

I have been with YAA for more than five years and have not only seen the organisation grow, but also myself. YAA gives you the opportunity to accomplish great things. Above all, our direct influence on young people plays a big role for me. My heart beats especially for our education workshop “Project Positive School”. In classes you can see how our issues, our way of thinking and the openness that we not only preach, but also live, thrill the young. The realisation that I can ask honest questions to young people and get honest answers is for me the greatest gift of my work. Wherever I want to get involved, I can do it. Whether at the local level, in the global strategy, at events or in the content of the association. Working with young people in such a successful NGO is a very special experience.

What is your area of ​​responsibility?

I’m the Team-Lead for programs in the education unit. Thus, the content orientation of Youth against AIDS falls into my hands and the implementation into the classes. My team includes Quality Management, Research and the Academy – our internal training facility for trainers and peers. This year, YAA-Academies are planned in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Professional trainers educate the committed young people to enable more young people in German-speaking countries to attend our educational workshop “Projekt Positive Schule” at their own schools. In doing so, we not only promote awareness on the ground, but also bring the trained peers closer to volunteering for society. In the field of research we find the further development of our concepts as well as the constant observation of the current science, so that our numbers are always up-to-date. Of course, our measures are also evaluated so that we can always improve.

Why should more people support us in the fight against AIDS?

The HI-virus can only be transmitted in a limited number of ways. If we succeed in reaching more people who are working together to fight the virus, then we have a very good chance to stop HIV / AIDS forever. But as long as everyone does not pull together, it can not succeed. I strongly believe that as a generation, we can actually stop AIDS, and everyone should be involved in that.

What do you do if you do not engage in YAA?

I am studying Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim in the first Master’s semester and work half-time. At the weekend you can also find me again and again in the beautiful Pfalz on one of the many wine festivals.

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Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms!

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