Youth against AIDS presents volunteer program in South Africa Published on:


The international education initiative Youth against AIDS (YAA) presented its actual campaign together with  Linda-Gail Bekker, President of the International AIDS Society (IAS), in South Africa. As the official partner of this year’s International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, YAA invites youth activists from South Africa to stand up for the concerns of their generation. YAA offers young people the chance to apply for a scholarship, become part of the conference’s youth program and implement projects in their home countries after the conference.

AIDS is still one of the leading causes of death today, especially in South Africa. Today, according to official estimates, more than seven million people are infected with HIV – infection rates are even increasing. In order to put an end to the epidemic, a change is needed which above all the new generation can accomplish.

Therefore, YAA enables young people from around the world to attend the International AIDS Conference this year. As an official partner of the conference, YAA met with partner organizations, local groups and the embassy in numerous cities, including Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. In order to initiate a meaningful change and reach young people throughout South Africa, YAA launched an activation campaign for this year’s International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam.

During the visit to South Africa, the members of YAA met with the President of the International AIDS Society, Linda-Gail Bekker and the German Ambassador Martin Schäfer, as well as various local youth organizations. Throughout the presentation of the campaign in South Africa via Facebook Live, YAA received a strong support from the IAS. The recent president of the IAS is not only passionate about the development in South Africa but also actively seeks innovative ways to stop new infections.

As the official partner of the International AIDS Conference, YAA brings more than 300 youngleaders worldwide to AIDS2018 to show that it is the young generation that can end AIDS. With a unique youth headquarter, YAA creates a place where many cultures and ideas, commitment and passion come together to end AIDS. To reach young people worldwide, the World Tour will highlight the role of the youth by the end of summer. This can be achieved through the strong support of main sponsor Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd and supporters such as Levi’s, Facebook, MSD and AXA. The conference will take place from the 20th to the 27th of July.