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Young people from all over the planet are involved with Youth against AIDS (YAA). But who’s pulling strings, what does their field of work look like and what’s their motivation to travel the world and spread the word. To give you an inside look behind the scenes, we will introduce to you the people who represent YAA during the upcoming weeks.
You already got to know more about our CEO Daniel and our CHRO Lennart, and now it’s Jonathan’s turn.

Jonathan, why are you involved with YAA?

Since the beginning of my studies, I have been interested in finances and have worked for a tax consultancy. When I first came in contact with YAA, I knew immediately that I wanted to use my knowledge and interest to fight for an enlightened generation!
I am sure that one of the essential topics of today’s society is a responsible interaction with each other. That’s what brings Youth against AIDS forward. With dedication, passion and positive energy, we can realise big projects regarding an enlightened, tolerant and deferential society. 
 I admire the vigour and commitment of all members of the association, and I am content to be a part of that! Now, as then, I am impressed over and over again by the determination and strength of all participants!

What motivates you most in your daily work for YAA?

Founded initially with a local focus in Hamburg, YAA has reached an incredible reach – currently, we expand our mandate internationally, to provide worldwide awareness. I think our implementation strength mainly characterises us and that we take action very fast. To work in a motivated and efficient team like ours brings me a lot of joy. It’s an incredibly enriching experience to master challenges together, which is where I also see enormous potential for the future! 
I am grateful to contribute to raising awareness in today’s generation.

What are your duties for Youth against AIDS?

As a chief financial officer (CFO) and head of Central Services, I am responsible for the finances, the infrastructure and the IT of the association. Since we are a non-profit organisation, it’s important to pay attention to certain things. However, it’s not always easy to adopt the right approach: We have to show sensitivity and build up sustainable structures to be well prepared for the future.

Why should the Youth commit to the fight against HIV/AIDS?

I think it’s today’s generation’s task to break with old patterns to spread a new mindset. Together with young people, we can tackle what causes HIV/AIDS in a proactive way. To my mind, it’s of great importance to come together as one and to find a common path to fight against sexually transmitted illnesses. That’s what we’re working on!

What was the most important moment since being part of YAA?

I remember sitting in the office in Hamburg last winter with other members of Team Finance, pouring over files to get done with three annual financial statements at the same time. That definitely isn’t fun. Still, it showed that we not only do great concerning educational work but also with accountancy and financial accounting!

What is the event you look forward to the most in the following months?

During the upcoming months, we will travel to new countries and enter new markets to spread the word and raise awareness for our campaign. I’m looking forward to working together with my team to pave the way for our and future educational work around the globe!

What’s your message to the people out there?

We have started 2018 with a tailwind and undoubtedly ambitious aims!
Let’s continue on the back of this success and work even harder in the upcoming months. Let’s go, boys and girls – “Attacke”!