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The international initiative Youth against AIDS (YAA) is enforcing the role of the youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS. As official partner of this year’s 22nd International AIDS Conference, YAA will invite activists from Brazil to represent their generation’s interests this summer in Amsterdam. YAA gives young people the chance to apply for a scholarship, to be part of a special youth program at AIDS2018 and the opportunity to realize projects in their home country after the conference.

Deadline for applications is the 20th of May.

Today, AIDS is still one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In Brazil alone over 830 000 people are living with HIV according to official estimates. This year, YAA offers young people from all corners of the world a chance to participate in the International AIDS Conference (AIDS2018). As official partner of AIDS2018, YAA met up with partner organizations in Brasília and São Paulo and, with the local support of UNAIDS, launched an activation campaign to achieve meaningful change and reach young people in the whole country.

During the weeklong visit to Brazil, the YAA delegation also held meetings with the National AIDS Department of the Ministry of Health in Brasília and various local youth organizations. The YAA mobilization campaign in the country now counts with the official support and partnership of the UNAIDS Brazil office. 

“It was inspiring to meet the Youth against AIDS team here and see their drive to engage youth in prevention through the eyes and the perspective of the youth”, says Georgiana Braga-Orillard, UNAIDS Country Director in Brazil. “All over the world, young people are facing similar challenges in the response to HIV. There are still huge gaps in terms of access to information and to prevention strategies that are specifically tailored to their age and their current realities. I am sure that together we can overcome these obstacles and promote a meaningful engagement of young people in Brazil.”

“We are the generation which can end AIDS. But to achieve this goal we need a new generation of leadership. Therefore,we give young activist from Brazil the chance to be the part of our uniqueyouth program at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam.We are so excited to welcome young people from Brazil in our youth headquarters to kick off our global movement.”, says Daniel Nagel, Chairman & CEO of Youth against AIDS.

The campaign was launched with a livestream via Facebook and in cooperation with UNAIDS Brasil and famous social influencers like Canal das Bee, DRelacionamentos, and Sensualise Moi in Sao Paulo.

“Being part of this initiative in Amsterdam will help us better understand what other youth organizations and young people are doing in terms of HIV prevention and sexual education. I am sure all participants will learn a lot and be able to apply this in their local projects here in Brazil”, said Tuy Posasso, who counts on almost 600,000 followers on her Youtube channel Sensualise Moi. “We have already applied, and we do hope to be in Amsterdam with everyone.”

As an official partner of the International AIDS Conference, YAA brings more than 300 young leaders from all over the world to AIDS2018, to make sure that it is the young generation which can end AIDS. With a unique youth headquarterYAA builds a melting pot of creative ideas, commitment and passion to end AIDS. In order to reach young people globally, the world tour will continue to highlight the role of the youth in the global HIV response until summer. YAA realizes this ambitious agenda with the strong support of its main sponsor Gilead Sciences Europe Ltd and supporters like Levis, Facebook, MSD and AXA. The conference takes place from 20th to 27th July.

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