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Today, more than 37 million people worldwide are still infected with HIV. The international education initiative Youth Against AIDS (YAA) wants to change that and end AIDS. As the official partner of the International AIDS Conference (AIDS2018), it is now continuing its fight against AIDS worldwide. Following the international campaign launch in New York, the education initiative presented its global Youth against AIDS (YAA) movement in New Delhi and Mumbai and not only collaborates internationally with organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) or UNAIDS, but also partnerships with various NGOs to put an end to HIV and AIDS worldwide.

Also in Asia, YAA relies on close cooperations with regional partner organizations and launched with one of the most respected NGOs in India, Humsafar Trust, the global movement for Asia. Through the live transmission via Facebook, thousands of young people were reached in the first hours and joined the movement in the fight against AIDS.

“When we started in the chair circle in a Hamburg school about 8 years ago, we never thought that we would launch a global movement in Asia. No reason to stand out, but another reason to believe that as a young generation we can make a difference and end AIDS,” said Daniel Nagel, chairman of the Youth Against AIDS Board.

Existing collaborations, such as with UNAIDS or the strong partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), have been expanded by local organizations. Both in New Delhi and Mumbai, an active exchange took place in workshops and joint discussions in order to jointly implement measures against the fatal disease in the future.

As an official partner of the International AIDS Conference, YAA brings more than 300 young people from all continents to AIDS2018, making it clear that it is the young generation that can stop HIV. In order to reach young people around the world, the campaign will continue to evolve until summer.

With campaign launches on five continents, in seven countries and eight cities, the education initiative makes one thing clear: youth can end AIDS. Worldwide, it gives young people the chance to be part of change. To finance the project, Youth Against AIDS launches the largest fundraiser in the association’s history together with GoFundMe. Through the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe and a dedicated blog, the current status of the campaign is documented daily. Every euro goes directly to urgently needed prevention work. Because every committed young person in the world should have the opportunity to get involved and formulate their needs – regardless of their origin and social status.


14th March New York
13th April Mumbai
23rd April Geneva
1st May Sao Paulo
16th May Johannesburg
24th May Warsaw
28th June Hong Kong
22nd June San Francisco

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Youth Against AIDS is a youth-led organization that provides sexual education in schools and youth facilities all over Europe and beyond. YAA is the largest, most awarded youth-led awareness campaign. They talk about sexuality, HIV, and other STDs in their workshops. YAA provides a space for young people where they can express any lack of knowledge without being ashamed. YAA uses a peer-to-peer approach allowing them to have dialogues at eye level. Furthermore, they do targeted publicity work to help cultivate an educated and diverse society. Their goal is a community in which sexuality never leads to exclusion, fear or stigma. Their motto: Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.

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