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As a boy it’s already hard enough to get to know a girl, to convince her of a date and to win her over. But even then, the hardest is yet to come. At some point, one of you will ask: “What is this between us?” – One question, essential for every further step. But what is actually the best way to start a relationship?

“Will you be mine?”

It’s been so easy: “Will you be mine? – Yes, no, maybe.” A simple cross used to handle things when you were in school. After your love letter made its way through the class into the hands of your loved one, you knew exactly how she feels. But the older you get, the harder it is to read the signs. You can never really know for sure how she feels about you. Even when you think, you finally won her heart all of a sudden she isn’t sure anymore.

Take your time

You can never be sure in the beginning. You will be crazy in love, running around wearing your rose-coloured glasses. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t jump into a relationship head over heels. Telling someone you love him or her after three weeks isn’t love. Love needs time to grow. Love needs to rise in challenges. Love is a process – and so is a relationship.

Limitation or the missing piece?

Starting a relationship is a big deal, first of all emotionally. When do you admit to yourself that she is more than a friend? When do you tell your friends: “This is my new girlfriend”? When do things get “official”? Moreover, when things finally become “official” your world suddenly turns upside down. There’s not only you anymore. You take on responsibility for one another and let this someone come real close. It can be hard to open up to someone like this, but it could be the feeling everyone is chasing their whole life.

A relationship is a process between two people. Calling someone your girlfriend in public doesn’t automatically mean it’s love. It’s always a risk. You can only guess you found the right one, you never know for sure. Love grows time after time with every hug, with every kiss, with every fight. A real relationship is a deep bond between two people who put the same effort and dedication in it. Bonds like these need time to grow and tighten. Being in a relationship is not always easy – actually, it can be quiet hard sometimes.

Nevertheless, it will be worth the effort if it works out. Nobody will judge you because you don’t want to rush things and start a relationship right from the beginning. Take your time to get to know each other, but don’t miss too many chances.

Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.

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