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Today is the day. It’s the 14th of February – the day of the lovers. All around the globe sweethearts fall into each other’s arms, showing their partner their affection with the help of smaller presents. For many it’s a day full of joy, for some singles among us, it seems to be a nightmare. Where the tradition is coming from, how to break with old habits and why Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate for all the singles, you can find out right here.


The tradition goes back to antiquity, to be exact it’s based on the patron saint of the lovers called Valentine. If one believes the legend, he gave flowers to newlyweds, something that we still do. As a priest, he married soldiers who should have remained single according to the imperial order. For his actions,  he was executed on the 14th of February of the year 269. The custom of giving away flowers also dates back to the goddess Juno, the protector of marriage and family. On the one hand, those flowers were an offering and on the other hand, a present to all women. In remembrance of Valentine and Juno, one created the Valentine’s Day.

Flowers and chocolates for our love

To prove how much one values the other, we gladly buy our loved ones little things. Usually, women get red roses and chocolate. But after a couple of years of relationship, this may seem a bit too dull for some. Of course, to rely on well-tried presents is easier. Though, one doesn’t need to make a huge effort (it’s not that any women would complain, we’d love that), because it’s the gesture that counts. Spending a relaxed evening in front of the TV has its appeal. Some of my friends don’t even attach much importance to the Valentine’s Day. To their mind, it is just another normal day out of 365, on which you let your partner know how much you love them. After all, we should always pay attention to our relationship. Occasionally giving your girlfriend or boyfriend a treat can do the trick.

A day to celebrate for everyone

Have you heard of the National Ferris Wheel Day yet? No? Because that’s what some Americans celebrate on the 14th of February. Definitively something for all the singles, since spending Valentine’s Day surrounded by enamoured couples shouldn’t be an option. So get up, pick up your BFF or the whole crew and go to the movies or to the most popular club in town. And who knows, maybe you meet the person with whom you will spend next Valentine’s Day.


Youth against AIDS wishes Y’all a happy Valentine’s Day!
Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.


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