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Sex is the nicest incidental in the world. That’s why everyone talks about it – but often a lot of garbage. Is it really true, that men only have a certain number of shots available before the pump is finally empty? And is the story of the G-spot just a fairytale? Today we’re getting to the bottom of five well-known sex myths.
1. It’s over after 1000 shots

This is a frequently quoted saying that could probably scare some guys. Do men really have a limited number of ejaculations before they just can’t come anymore? Don’t worry guys, that’s bullshit. Your testicals produce sperm throughout your whole lives. So you could still impregnate a woman when you are 100 years old. And that’s why you should always remember to use a condom!

2. Pineapple sperm?!

Hasn’t a friend of yours ever claimed that eating and drinking would change the taste of your semem? „Well, sure“, you may think. But it’s actually true! Everything you eat or drink can change the taste of your sperm. But this change is – of course – possible in both directions: garlic, asparagus or nicotin often come along with a negative taste. But (!), lifehack on the sidelines: If you really want to impress your new lover, it’s best to eat lots of pinapples, papayas and citrus fruits. A small protein snack in the evening does not always have to come out oft he fridge…

3. The search for the spot of lust

Have you ever searched for the G-spot of your girlfriend for as long as Indiana Jones does to find the lost treasure? „Maybe it just doesn’t exist“, you may think. But, it really does! The spot is located about five centimeters from the entrance of the vagina, towards the abdominal wall, directly behind the pubic bone. However, the G-spot is almost like a piñata: For some guys, this is the way to great luck and pleasure. While for others, it’s just good for a few lousy candies. Incidentally, the G-spot was named after its discoverer Ernst Gräfenberg, who found this magical spot in the 1950s – Almost like Indiana Jones.

4. You should definitely be single…

Your friends are single and claim that they have more sex than ever before? Bullshit. According to a study, unmarried couples have the most sex – 131 times a year. After that, the married couples follow with about 85 times each year. Meanwhile, the singles occupy the last place in this ranking – with only 64 times. And that means: It’s just a myth again.

5. You can tell the size of a man’s penis…

…by the size of his nose. This, of course, is a well-known wisdom according to which even the ancient Egyptians chose their pharao. No, let’s be serious: Scientists have indeed done researches on this topic and couldn’t find a connection between the lenght of the noses and the lenght of the penises of the study participants. So girls: Keep in mind that there could hide a big suprise behind a snub nose.

Don’t let myths and the talk of the people confuse you. Cause the only important thing is:

Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.

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