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On average, teens have sex for the very first time when they’re between 14 and 16 years old. But there are also people in whose lives this legendary moment takes place in much later. With 18, 25 or 34: It’s not easy to be a virgin and you often have to listen to friends and acquaintances stupid and unpleasant sayings because of that. Why you shouldn’t care about that at all, you will learn here …

The only one in the circle of friends 

Whether you want it or not: If someone from your own circle of friends had his first time, a one-night stand or sex with the new girlfriend or boyfriend, you will hear it. In these conversations, giggles and inappropriate comments are inevitable. And if you are the only one who never has to tell a sex story, you will eventually be asked an unpleasant question: “Huh? Are you still a virgin?” And that’s how the whole mess begins.

Now there are two possibilities: Either you admit it and prepare for a horrified “whaaaat?”. Or you lie to avoid an embarrassing situation. But that does not have to be. Because there are many good reasons for being a virgin.

Virgin out of conviction

Who hasn’t heard of it before? “No sex before marriage”. What has often to do with religion has become a conviction for some people. They want to save their body – and thus their first time – for that one person they want to spend the rest of their lives with. And that’s fine. What some people may find hard to imagine can be the biggest proof of love for others.

No luck

Another reason can also be missed luck. It does not matter if you were unhappy in love, have too high standards or some social incompetence. Some people really want to have sex, but have missed the right time so far. For many, an unemotional one-night-stand is out of the question as well, because for them, the first time sex has a great meaning. It is therefore important not to jump to conclusions and ride around on the one thing that is already bothering these people anyway.

Do not despair! 

So it does not matter wether you are 17, 25, 36 or 52. Do not be fooled and above all: do not be tempted to things that you do not really want by stupid sayings of your friends. You can choose the time you want to sleep with someone. With the right partner, it will certainly happen sooner or later. And when it finally happens, remember:

Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.

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