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In the past, we all thought that they were awkward and we laughed about guys who actually enjoyed their presence. Today, most men run crazy because of them. Women, the fairer sex, the better part of us. But what kind of women do guys really want?
1. The Bad Girl

The evil is always fascinating. Bad Girls are not “the evil”, but their bad reputation can sometimes be quite attractive to men. She doesn’t care about the other’s opinions. She lives her own way, smokes and drinks way too much and she has probably slept with a friend of yours. And nevertheless (or maybe just because) you want to have her. Mostly, these girls are not the love of your life, rather a one-night-stand, because she needs freedom. So better don’t expect too much guys.

2.The Model

Boys, come on: Who of you hasn’t seen a Victoria’s-Secret-Model and just thought: “Well, I’d hit it”. For sure, models are beautiful, that’s what they get paid for. And for sure, men love these beauties, that’s why they’re men. But most of us poor guys can only dream of getting a real model. Of course, there are these wannabe-Instagram-redneck-whoogirl-models out there. At first sight, they seem to look as great as these Victoria’s-Secret-Angels on the internet, but they’re not the biggest trophy to win in reality. For some guys, this Instagram-image is enough to get it on at a village fair or in the club after a couple of drinks.

3. The best friend

Classic scene: You get to know a girl, you meet up with her, spend some time together, and suddenly you realize that your “best friend” is not just a friend to you, but your big love. If it works out, it’s the best thing that could possibly happen to you! Start off as friends and pursue a relationship afterwards is great, because you can enjoy all the aspects of a healthy relationship. You can laugh and spend time together. Maybe you have the same friends and the two of you get old and wrinkly together. But be careful, it might not work out! Then you get into damn big trouble. A group of friends with two exes inside? Bullshit. With this kind of breakups, you don’t just break one heart.

Another scene, same shit: You get to know a girl, you meet up with her, spend some time together and suddenly you realize that your “best friend” is not just a friend to you – but she doesn’t.  All the energy and time you spend for this kind of relationship is driving you crazy. So if you realize that you fell in love with your best friend and you’re afraid of the outcome: Just tell her. It’s the only way to get to know the truth, because otherwise, you destroy not only the friendship but also yourself.

4. The shy, sweet, little Girly

These are the girls you look at in school and just think about how to talk to her. These girls (or women) are quite shy and unapproachable. They hide their emotions and make it hard for men to judge their feelings. Of course, they would never come over to a guy and make the first move, that wouldn’t be their style. Still, it’s the charming and friendly way they act (sadly to anyone), that makes them so adorable. Well guys – tough, but not impossible.

5. The intelligent Beauty

What we haven’t talked about yet: the intelligence. Of course it’s attractive and kinda sexy – also for men. Nobody wants to present a dumpling to their family. And at the same time, she’s so beautiful, that all your friends ask themselves: “How did this guy get that girl?”

That girl has always been a good student, but never a geek. She’s able to lead discussions about politics or philosophy, and simultaneously she can tell you the names of the last 48 winners of Germany’s Next Topmodel. She also takes care of her style, which is not too extravagant, but just classy and quite modern. She is just a hole-in-one, the full equipment, the better half of you.

Gentlemen, these are the women to start a family with. These are the mothers of our children, these are the conqueror of our hearts. These are the women of our dreams.


But whoever you love or who is your Crash, always remind:

Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.


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