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Boys, let’s be honest: we all still remember our first kiss. And I’m not talking about mom’s or dad’s daily bedtime kiss. No, what I mean is the first real kiss with a girl. And no matter whether we failed miserably or were the absolute hammer: It is worth to think back again…

Oh my god! With tongue?

In times when you are almost as happy about every missing pimple as you are about any chest hair that has appeared (girls probably get sad because of that), there comes the moment when a buddy proudly talks about his first rumbling. With tongue – hihihi. “Ehhh, how disgusting”, was then about my reaction to the completely absurd sounding story. But secretly, I knew that I wanted to do that myself someday. Cause in my first relationship, I did not get beyond holding hands with my girlfriend. She broke up with me via SMS after a month.

The pressure increases

A few years later – after the discovery of overly sweet mixed beers – there were also party evenings where you, as a boy, wanted to prove your testosterone levels. And how could that work better than snogging with a girl? Right, in like any other way! But that was somehow out of the question for me then. Probably, because my friends were all more or less successful in the women’s world in the meantime and I wanted to make them proud. For whatever reason.

I’ve always been a romantic

At one point, I just approached a girl I’d talked and chatted with before. You could almost say “flirt”. I never had the greatest self-confidence, but somehow thought that everything would work out smoothly. Cause I knew that she liked me too. Nevertheless, I got nothing on the series except a little small talk. From the dream that our faces are slowly approaching, before the pursed lips meet passionately, we were about as far away as Columbus was in 1492 from India. To speed things up and because I could not think of anything better, I simply asked, “Do you feel like snogging around?” I’ve always been a romantic. I could almost hear my heartbeat until the moment she said “yes.” Bazinga!

It’s like learning how to ride a bike

Now it got serious. We looked for a quiet place where we could be undisturbed. Then I grabbed her chin as charming as I could with one hand and just started. Actually, I had no idea what I was doing. But in my eyes, smooching for the first time is almost like learning how to ride a bike: You know how it should look like, but have absolutely no idea how to do it. But at some point you just can. After a few minutes of kissing, also a bit of tongue came into play. Or rather, in the mouth of each other. A little bit later, just when both of us had used up our saliva supplies, we went back to the party. And what can I say: For me, the evening was a complete success. And for her … certainly too!

Time to think back

And guys, how was that with you? Did you fail like me or were the absolute hammer? Actually, it doesn’t matter. Because the only important thing is that things like the first kiss always take place in mutual interest. Cause that’s the only way it feels right and even more important: That’s how it is the most fun! So you should always remember:

Do what you want, do it with love, respect and condoms.

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