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As you probably know many people have a blossoming imagination, especially when it comes to sex. Most likely you won’t even run out of ideas. If it’s leather and handcuffs or more tropical places you dream of, like the aeroplane, your options are nearly endless. When talking about the latter, we mean the Mile High Club. Wanna find out what that’s all about?
Mile High? What do you mean?

Britain, 1785: Two lordships of the British gentlemen club Brooks made a bet. If one of them were able to have sex with a woman in a balloon that’s floating one thousand yards above the ground, he would receive a prize.

About 130 years later, that’s precisely what made Lawrence Sperry, an American pilot and designer, the founder of the so-called Mile High Club. He “acquired” his membership in 1916 after a flight above NY. Nowadays, the definition has changed a bit: If a couple has sex in an aeroplane which flies at an altitude of no less than a mile, one refers to them as members of the said club.

But take it slowly, because it’s not as easy as you may think. The possibilities are limited, since the often and preferably used board toilets are way too small. So what to do?

Travelers prefer long-haul flights

When most passengers are fast sleep or watch some movies, some couples often make the most of the darkness and start their attempt, whether on the seat or somewhere else. However, the uncertainty remains: What if someone catches us?

Some US airlines – for example, Lovecloud or Flamingo Air – took the chance and filled the gap in the market. They deliberately allow their passengers to have sex on the plane, which proved to be very useful. For the most part, women make use of those offers. And whoever doesn’t want to spend 450 euros (and this seems to be the cheapest offer), has to rely on an average aeroplane.

But is this actually legal?

Well, at least there’s no law stating the exact opposite. However, it would be overhasty to feel safe just yet. Every now and then the stewardesses catch a couple red-handed or will be informed about the incident later on. The majority of flight attendants takes it with humour, and you will only be met with an awkward talk.

Could be worse, right? Exactly, because an aeroplane is considered a public space and to “offend public decency” is something you could be imposed a fine for. But don’t panic, this rarely happens. Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind that sex on passenger flights is extremely undesirable.


Whether it’s on the highway lay-by, in a park or on an aeroplane – the danger of being caught having sex has its charm. Of course, everyone’s sexual needs are different, and sometimes we need to meet those in the craziest ways possible.

And even though that’s what we should be able to do, try not to bother your fellow human beings and always remember…

Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.

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