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As soon as the smell of peeled tangerines is in the air and your new winter boots are already ruined, you know it’s Christmas approaching. That means you’re going to get gifts and to give some to others. Cause it’s the feast of love. And there seem to be a lot of people who take the word „love” pretty serious. To prove that, there are some funny and weird facts about Christmas:

What did your parents do in December?” My little brother…”

Christmas has kind of a special charm. Maybe it’s because of the snow, the Christmas tree or the mistletoe that hangs in your house, but who knows. Every year, the feast of love provides stress and helplessness when it comes to presents. But naturally great dinners and a lot of affection as well. On Christmas day, everyone seems to be a bit friendlier than usual. Often even a lot friendlier. Cause in December, there are indeed (attention: joke incoming!) more roasts to put in the oven than in every other month of the year! Statistically, most children are born exactly nine months later – in September. Maybe this has something to do with a long-term family planning. Perhaps it’s also because of the fact that love sometimes turns into lust when Christmas is coming.

The bells ring any sweeter

The sextoy producer who discovered this funny phenomenon, surveyed more than 700 couples about their “favourite hobby” during the Christmas season. About 50% admitted that they would rather spend Christmas having sex than with their families. More than one third revealed that they’re always” having sex on Christmas Day. But it gets even better: Every sixth couple stated that they already had sex while Christmas music was playing. Some may hate songs like Last Christmas” or Jingle Bells” after listening to them over and over again; others seem to get turned on and start to ring different kinds of bells.

Unfortunately we won’t make it”

Many people spend Christmas with their family and friends. It has become kind of a tradition. As a host, you have to deal with cancellations every now and then. And you can’t ever be sure that your guests are telling the truth, especially when it comes to couples. Cause 11% of the women and 7% of the men said they had already skipped a Christmas celebration with their relatives to have sex. So if there is a couple in your circle of friends that pretends to be unable to come to your Christmas party, you know what they’ll be doing.

Just enjoy Christmas!

It doesn’t matter how or with whom you spend your holidays with. Just enjoy them! Make yourself and others happy, eat as much Christmas food and sweets as you can, forget about your everyday stress and just have fun! If there are couples at your Christmas party that leave the room: Don’t think too much about it, even though you know the truth after reading this article. And if you end up eating up not only sweets but someone else as well, always remember:

Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.

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