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Do you remember chewing gum slot machines? You were to spot them everywhere. Throwing in some pennies, you could get not only chewing gums but also plastic toys and jewellery. Although you’ve grown out of it, there’s a new kind of slot machines you might be interested in – namely for condoms.


You think we’re kidding? We’re not! As you might have read in our news article (only German version  available), the first Youth Against AIDS-condom slot machine has been set up at the Carl-von-Ossietzky-Gymnasium in Hamburg on Tuesday (December 5th). By only paying 20 cents you will get one of these condoms.

But why are they so popular?

Sexual protection has already been a significant issue back in the antiquity. For this purpose, one has used animal membranes, e.g. sheep intestines. Only in the 19th century that has changed. In 1855 the today-known rubber condoms arrived, which became more and more accepted in society. Naturally, today’s condoms are way more secure and prevent unwanted pregnancies, as well as the transmission of sexual diseases such as AIDS or Hepatitis B. That’s the reason most people fall back on condoms.

But why put up a condom slot machine in a school?

To openly talk about sex, sexuality and protection is still a major problem for today’s teens. Especially if you are about to buy your first pack of condoms and there’s nothing else on the checkout belt. Quite awkward, isn’t it? Mainly to avoid that, condom slot machines are the perfect solution, your last hope, the light at the end of the tunnel, your whatever you wanna call it. But watch out! Not every condom out of a slot machine is of high quality. Often, these are kinda grimy, and you should better keep your hands off them.


To make adolescents aware of the importance of contraception, Youth Against AIDS (YAA) works closely together with schools. Many people don’t even know how serious this issue is, others might think condoms are too expensive. According to a recent survey, about one-third of the participants aged under 18 does not contracept regularly. Contraception is a mattering topic that needs to be talked about more often, primarily when working with teenagers. And what would be better than to use YAA-condom slot machines to approach this problem?!


Youth Against AIDS wants to help you to better cope with subjects like contraception. The first love or your first time should be fun times that you want to remember. It’s about growing up, gathering memories and experiences and the further personal developing. Our latest campaign is to show that contraception is indeed a topic everyone is concerned with and should be involved in. So why not enjoy life and to still feel safe? Because we chose our slogan for a reason. 

Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.

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