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Youth against AIDS (YAA) puts on condom dispensers at different secondary schools within Germany to demonstrate students from the beginning that safe sex and AIDS are important for all of us. The purely voluntary education initiative is supported by its longtime partner Billy Boy.

A condom from a school condom machine – at a price of only 20 cents apiece. This is exactly what the first YAA condom machine at the Carl von Ossietzky Gymnasium in Hamburg, presented by Youth against AIDS on 05 December 2017, offers.

The subject of a condom vending machine should be brought out of the dirty corner, as the rest stop-loo, and in the middle of everyday life. Hereby fear of contact is reduced and the condom is positioned as an indispensable means of safe contraception.

Through the involvement of students of the Carl von Ossietzky Gymnasium, Youth against AIDS was formed seven years ago. This school is now courageously setting a good example by setting up the first of the 100 machines to be installed the following year.

“Youth against AIDS presents its own school condom vending machine. This is a clever action that will help bring the issue into the everyday lives of young people. As a student I would have liked that there had been something like this at my school. I am proud of the Youth Against AIDS Volunteer Team, which is promoting awareness-raising with such ideas,” said JGA Board Member Johannes Kahrs, MdB, who unveiled the condom machine.

“Up until now, condom machines have been considered grubby. We show that this can be done differently – creatively and with specially designed condoms. We want to establish our machine in many schools in the long term, because the condom is the most concrete contribution to safe sex. This is the perfect complement to our classroom workshops,” says Daniel Nagel, Chairman of the Youth against AIDS board.

“It is a huge concern for us that the youth is better informed about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases. It is important how the message is packed: Sex is fun and nothing is hotter than fun with security! Youth against AIDS is a great partner, who can easily convey the topic from peer to peer without pointing your finger,” says Johannes Zerger, Brand Manager of BILLY BOY.

For a number of years now, Youth against AIDS and Billy Boy have worked together to make it clear to young people how important a condom is when it comes to sex. And this at eye height.

There is no room for stiff slogans or panic-making. The first love and the first sex are about love, fun and adventure. The fact that one should not take oneself too seriously is also reflected in the current campaign by Youth against AIDS, which stirs the fight for safer sex with influencers such as Lochis, Mirellativegal or Riccardo Simonetti, known through Instagram, YouTube or Snapchat. Always there: Billy Boy. Enlightenment has always been important to the condom manufacturer, so it is only logical that they support Youth against AIDS with the most important means for their campaign: the condom.

In the next few weeks and months, the first other condom machines will follow throughout Europe.