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Federal President and YAA-Patron Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier praises the commitment of Youth Against AIDS (YAA). The survey of YAA and LOVOO that was published this week shows, that there are serious gaps in young people’s knowledge. Since November 15th, the iniatiative has reached millions of young people with its current campaign and YouTube-stars.

A survey that was published this week shows that young people aren’t as enlightened as they think they are. Together with the dating app LOVOO, YAA surveyed over 6,100 adolescents in more than seven countries on the topic of enlightenment: 29.7% of the respondents in Germany are at risk of becoming infected with sexually transmitted dieseases during sex. Only 25% answered the questions about sexually transmitted diseases correctly. That shows the importance of the volunteer work of the Youth Against AIDS initative, which has been active across the borders of Germany since this year.

„With enthusiasm and fun, you are putting a serious topic into the awareness of young people nationwide. I thank you for this commitment“, says Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, longtime supporter of YAA.

„Worldwide, as well as in Europe and Germany, HIV is far away from being defeated. Therefore, it is still particularly important that ‚Youth Against AIDS’ continues its educational work with great commitment. Thank you very much!“, says Stephan Weil, Prime Minister of Lower Saxony.

On World AIDS Day, YAA and the cult brand Levi’s jointly organize the „Night of Life“ in Munich. A special donation shirt is going to be presented there. It’s proceeds will flow into the work of Youth Against AIDS directly. The bright CI-elements of YAA meet the signature batwing logo of Levi’s. This year, the fashion icon celebrates its 50th anniversary. It’s all the more important that World AIDS Day is designed with the CI-elements of a volunteer initative. These abstract and colorful elements represent all the symbols that are associated with sex.

The focus of the campaign are motifs that revolve around the topic of condoms. Many young people are still unsure about how to use condoms and do have questions that YAA answers openly and honestly. With this campaign, the enlightenment initiative is continuing its way, taking care of the issues raised in the YAA-school-workshops.

„Dismal depictions of condoms and shock pictures aren’t up to date – Nowadays, enlightenment works differently, authentic and at eye level. We are proud, that many well-known influencers identify with our values and give their faces to our campaign. Together we reach millions of young people, without threatening the index finger“, says Daniel Nagel, Youth Against AIDS CEO.

Campaign ambassadors and YouTube-stars Heiko and Roman Lochmann („DieLochis“) published the campaign motifs on 15th November in Berlin. For several years now, the two brothers Roman and Heiko Lochmann have been supporting Youth Against AIDS and have opened the initatives action weeks with a secret concert in the Mall of Berlin.

„We are convinced that it’s our duty to use our role model function in order to be able to offer young people a transparent, but also cool way of being able to learn about contraception and AIDS in general. We are as authentic as Youth Against AIDS is. That fits perfectly together!“, say Heiko and Roman Lochmann, who have been the faces of the YAA-campaign for the last four years.

For its last campaign, Youth Against AIDS received the bronze Effie Award this year. The important volunteer work is only possible because of strong partners such as AXA, Billy Boy, Facebook, Gilead or MSD.