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The youth-led organization Youth against AIDS (YAA) worked with LOVOO to survey more than 6,100 adolescents in seven European countries. 26.7 % of respondents are at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease during sex. Only 24.1 % of those questioned correctly responded to inquiries about sexually transmitted diseases. YAA received guidance and support from World Health Organization (WHO) experts.

These interesting findings come from a survey by Youth against AIDS and LOVOO. Young people in Europe ask themselves questions about sex every day. Contrary to popular belief, the current survey reveals gaps in young people‘s sexual education. Nearly one third of adolescents engage in sexual relations without worrying about the consequences of unprotected intercourse. The survey was conducted in Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, France, Austria and Switzerland.

Big ignorance about sexually transmitted diseases

Although a large proportion of young people in Europe feel fully informed, respondents were only able to answer 24.1 % of the given questions on sexually transmitted diseases correctly (7.7 % in Italy, 34.1 % in France). 26.7 % of all questioned do not use a condom and expose themselves to a large risk of transmission of STDs. As many as 11.9 % admitted that they had never used prevention, including birth control or other forms of contraception. In the UK the value is with 16,6 % alarming high.

Most adolescents received sexual education at the age of 12.5 years. The average in Germany is 11.1 years, in Spain and France 12.9. Only 31.8 % of the respondents said the school was the place of their sexual education. Almost 11,4 % received this information through porn. All in all, the biggest source of information was other web sources.

„The results are a clear call for action“

There are significant differences between the countries surveyed on the subject of sexuality. In Spain, France Germany and Italy the respondents prefer to talk about sexuality with their friends (70 %) and partners (30-40 %), less so with their parents (15-20 %) and hardly at all with teachers (less than 5 %). Respondents in the UK reported the contrary. They often speak to teachers about sexuality.

„The results are a clear call for action to anyone who thinks that sexual education isn‘t important nowadays. Everyone thinks they are informed, but once you scratch the surface, you realize that there‘s still a lot to do!“, says Daniel Nagel, Chairman and CEO of Youth Against AIDS.

Eric Jangor, VP Marketing at LOVOO, categorizes the results as follows:

„Our study shows that young people in Europe are not adequately informed. Is that our fault? We think it is – partly! Education must take place where people are talking about it – mainly on digital platforms like LOVOO. That is why we are campaigning once more alongside Youth against AIDS for a more open dialog on sex and contraception and for safer dating.”

This survey on sexuality and protection among adolescents is the first of its kind in Europe. Over 6,100 people between the ages of 18 and 21 participated, among others. The answers were collected within the LOVOO app and evaluated in cooperation with scientific partners. Youth against AIDS and LOVOO integrate education to the digital world and open up new opportunities to find out which apprehensions in sexuality are still relevant in supposedly educated youth.

Youth against AIDS is a youth-led organization that provides sexual education in schools and youth facilities all over Europe. YAA is the largest, most awarded youth-led awareness campaign. They talk about sexuality, HIV, and other STDs in their workshops. YAA provides a space for young people where they can express any lack of knowledge without being ashamed. YAA uses a peer-to-peer approach allowing them to have dialogues at eye level. Furthermore, they do targeted publicity work to help cultivate an educated and diverse society. Their goal is a community in which sexuality never leads to exclusion, fear or stigma. Their motto: Do what you want. Do it with love, respect and condoms.

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