Youth against AIDS presents innovative sex education campaign Published on:


Teenagers are very interested in sex, but they aren’t interested in AIDS at all. To change that, Youth Against AIDS (YAA) developed an innovative campaign which was presented on Wednesday, November 15th in Berlin.

„Dismal depictions of condoms and shock pictures aren’t up to date – Nowadays, enlightenment works differently, authentic and at eye level. We are proud, that many well-known influencers identify with our values and give their faces to our campaign. Together we reach millions of young people, without threatening the index finger“, says Daniel Nagel, YAA CEO.

The focus of the campaign are motifs that revolve around the topic of condoms. Many young people are still unsure about how to use condoms and do have questions that YAA answers openly and honestly. With this campaign, the enlightenment initiative is continuing its way, taking care of the issues raised in the YAA-school-workshops.

Sex in sight? Condoms can be bought in every supermarket or on the internet. Before you give it to someone else, you should get them first.

Many famous influencers such as DieLochis, Riccardo Simonetti, Mirellativegal, Itscoleslow and Rezo show how to use a condom correctly and identify with the values of YAA: „Do what you want. Do it with love, repsect and condoms.“ In times when it seems like sexually transmitted diseases are no longer a problem, it is important for Youth Aigainst AIDS to show that a condom can protect against far-reaching consequences.

„We are convinced that it’s our duty to use our role model function in order to be able to offer young people a transparent, but also cool way of being able to learn about contraception and AIDS in general. We are as authentic as Youth Against AIDS is. That fits perfectly together!“, say Heiko and Roman Lochmann, who have been the faces of the YAA-campaign for the last four years.

For its last campaign, Youth Against AIDS received the bronze Effie Award this year. The important volunteer work is only possible because of strong partners such as AXA, Billy Boy, Facebook, Gilead or MSD.

YAA is a young people’s volunteer initiative for the society of tomorrow. They are passionately engaged in educational work at eye level. Wether in school workshops for peers, at festivals or events with major publicity campaigns. They are committed to a diverse and elighened society in which sexuality is never a cause for conclusion, fear and stigma. Patron of the initiative is Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier. They also receive support from their advisory and personalities such as Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook COO), who awarded YAA the Facebook Smart Hero Award most recently.