Youth Against AIDS reaches the first students with workshops in Vienna Published on:


Already on 7th and 8th May, 60 young people from Vienna and the surrounding area were trained as so-called “peers” by the education experts of Youth Against AIDS. As these the young people can independently give the enlightenment workshops in school classes. All participants will be invited exclusively to the LIFE BALL NEXT GENERATION as a reward for their commitment.

“With the LIFE BALL NEXT GENERATION, we want to appeal to young, dedicated people, train them to educate and then celebrate an unforgettable party with them,” says Daniel Nagel, CEO of Youth Against AIDS

“The LIFE BALL NEXT GENERATION is a thank you event for those young people who are committed to the good cause,” says Life Ball organizer and chairman of LIFE + Gery Keszler.

A few days after the peers were trained, the first teenagers sexually educated their own classmates. Alone on Thursday, the 18th of May, Youth Against AIDS reached almost 80 students in three workshops. The beginning was the high school of the Vienna Boys’ Choir, followed by the tourism school Vienna 21 and the Vienna Business School.

“Everyone thinks he’s sexually educated, but if you scratch a bit on the surface you quickly realize: We still have much to do. After successfully training the first peers, more workshops will follow in the coming months at schools throughout Austria,” says Daniel Nagel, CEO of Youth Against AIDS.

There was already praise for the education initiative by Education Minister Dr. Sonja Hammerschmid: “I thank these young people for taking on the subject and accepting it with such dedication and passion.”

Youth Against AIDS wants to establish itself in the future as a contact for the sexual education of young people in Austria. For this purpose, regional groups are to be founded nationwide and workshops offered at schools throughout the country. So the association wants to build on the successful work in Germany and reach as many young people as possible with its offers.