Every day we strive to improve sexual education for every teenager. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland we introduced a peer to peer education programme (“Positive School”) which aims to educate year 9 students about sexual health and diversity. Throughout the year we initiate public campaigns in various regions in order to raise awareness.

“I have been supporting Youth Against AIDS for four years and I am constantly impressed by the commitment of young volunteers for this important issue.”

— Dr. Frank Walter Steinmeier, Patron

“Youth Against AIDS provides valuable education work. I want to thank all of the young people who are committed volunteers for this important task.”

— Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

“Youth against AIDS carries out valuable education activities. I personally thank all the young people that engage in this important mission as a volunteer.”

— Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

Youth against AIDS provides free sex education on eye level and stands up for a more diverse civil society. Youth against AIDS is made possible by the voluntary work of more than 500 young supporters, our partners and advisory council.



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